Case-Specific Inquiries

Case Name:
Abdelaziz v. AutoRescue (Settlement Agreement)
Aguilar v. Avalon Group Homes, LLC (Order and Judgment Granting Final Approval of Class Action Settlement)
Ailey v. Spirit Halloween Superstores LLC (Order Granting Final Approval of Class Action Settlement)
Ailey v. Spirit Halloween Superstores LLC (Judgment)
Alafa v. Custom Built Personal Training (Notice of Amendment to Settlement Agreement)
Alafa v. Custom Built Personal Training (Stipulation to Amend Final Approval Order)
Antoine v. Riverstone (Final Approval Order)
Araiza v. The Scotts Company
Ardon v. 3PD, Inc. (Settlement Agreement)
Arredondo v. Daisas Medical
Betancourt v. Hugo Boss USA (Order of Final Approval and Judgment)
Burnham v. Ruan Inc. (Final Approval Order )
Chacon v. Thyssenkrupp Materials NA, Inc. (Final Judgement)
Chavira v. Restoration Hardware
Cordova et al. v. United Education Institute
Cortez v. Daley Foods of Cudahy, Inc. (Settlement Agreement)
Cortina v. North American Title Company (Statement of Decision)
DeLeon Martinez v. Galaxy Desserts
Delgado v. Apartment Management Consultants, LLC (Judgment Order)
Dickerson v. Voda Spa (Final Approval Order)
Edgar Viceral and David Krueger v. Mistras Group, Inc.
Eilerman v. McLane Company, Inc. dba McLane/Northwest - Notice
Gatto et al. v. Sentry Services et al.
Garcia v. Clubcorp USA, Inc. (Signed Final Approval Order)
Grinberg et al. v. Maria's Holding Corporation (Order of Final Judgment)
Guzman v. ICM (Final Approval Order)
Henninger V. Aecom Technology Corporation
Harris v. Investor's Business Daily, Inc. (Settlement Agreement)
Hernandez v. CoWorx
Jenkins v. Graybar (Final Approval Order)
Hynick v. AmeriFirstFinancial Inc. (Final Approval Order)
Jones v. Starwood Hotels & Resorts World Wide (Order Granting Motion For Final Approval)
Jobrak v. Yadav (Final Approval Order)
Law v. Laramar Group (Final Approval Order)
Lemus v. S&S Sports Inc.
Lindsey v. Sizewise Rentals
Lopez v. City of Montebello
Lozano v. Hilton Los Angeles Airport (Judgment)
Lozano v. Hilton Los Angeles Airport (Order Granting Fees and Costs)
Martinez v. CCheck Centers
Mendez v. RAPhillips (Final Approval Order)
Meza v. S.S. Skikos, Inc. (Settlement Agreement)
Meza v. S.S. Skikos, Inc. (Preliminary Approval Order)
Miranda v. LRS Realty (Final Approval Order)
Morales v. Greenleaf
O’Beirne v. ImageSource
Pacific West Management (Allee v. Pacific West Management)
Pakaz v. Aeropostale West, Inc. (Final Approval Order)
Quinby v. Ulta
Peterson v. Telefund, Inc. (Signed Final Approval Order)
Qayyem v. Devanlay (Notice)
Recio v. Easy Choice (Preliminary Approval Order)
Recio v. Easy Choice (Settlement Agreement)
Robatto v. Drybar Holdings
Rodriguez v. RWA Trucking Company, Inc. (Final Approval Order)
Rodriguez v. RWA Trucking Company, Inc. (Final Approval Order - Spanish)
Rosker v. Leidos (Final Approval Order)
Salas v. Clean Harbor (Preliminary Approval)
Salas v. Clean Harbor (Settlement Agreement)
Sale v. Frisco Baking Company (Executed Judgement)
SCARE v. Sonoma County Preliminary Approval Order (PDF)
SCARE v. Sonoma County Settlement Agreement (PDF)
Selbe v. Peak Campus
Sepehrom v. GHP Management (Final Approval Order)
Spearman v. Beeline Imports and Services LLC. (Final Approval Order)
Singh v. Sur La Table, Inc. (Final Approval Order)
Spurbeck v. Conill Advertising, Inc. (Final Approval Order)
Torres v. Abbate Family Farms (Final Approval Order)
Valdez v. Healthcare Services Group, Inc. (Judgment)
Viceral v. Mistras
Villasenor v. Green Farms, Inc. (Order Granting Final Approval of Class Action Settlement, Application for Attorneys' Fees and Costs, and Enhancement Awards, and Judgment Thereon)
Vincent v. Reser (Southern California Pipeline Construction, Inc. ESOP)
Williams v. MD7
UDR Developers, Inc. (Yost v. UDR Developers, Inc.)

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