Simpluris Offers Expert Advisors

Never settled a case before? Need help thinking through a complex distribution? Not sure how to begin a Belaire-West? Call us today. We will help you create a MAP (Master Administration Plan) which will detail out the functional aspects of administering your case.

I think Simpluris probably ought to be hired by everyone who needs to do a mailing to a class. I'm very impressed with the work that they did, and I wanted to put that on the record.- SDNY District Court Judge Colleen McMahon

All you need is expert advice to get the ball rolling. We understand that a simple answer or a second opinion can bring clarity to any question. You should never feel obligated to use our services when consulting with our team. Do not be surprised when you start working with us, we commit ourselves to excellence and expertise, qualities that our clients are drawn to.

The Field Of Class Actions Is Progressive, Simpluris Is Proactive

Simpluris prides itself on offering some of the most technologically advanced services in the industry. We are committed to continually evaluating our processes and the way we do things, reengineering, modifying and advancing our technology, customer services and procedures to meet the needs and wants of our clients. With the landscape of Class Actions consistently evolving, Simpluris seeks new ways to assist Attorneys with increased functionality providing solutions to their ever increasing list of needs.

Please let us know if you have a problem that we do not have a solution for, with your insight and a little time we will deliver results! Contact Business Development today for a complimentary consultation.

Clients prefer Simpluris because we are cost effective, experienced and committed for the long hall.
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    Call Center Support

    We offer a full-service call center with everything from devoted phone lines to customized message centers.

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    Weekly Reporting... Daily

    Retrieve current case statistics without having to wait! You have immediate access to real time data throughout the life of your case.