Consumer class action lawsuits encompass a variety of issues including product liability, fraud, false advertising, and privacy rights. These cases can be derived from the impact of defective or incorrectly handled products that have caused injury to individuals due to design defects, faulty labeling, or manufacturing flaws. Pending the circumstances of the case, the responsibility falls on the designer, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer to ensure that the product does not cause harm. Party’s that collect and use consumer’s personal information breaching the protection of the individual’s privacy rights or companies that use false or misleading statements to influence the consumer into a transaction should be held accountable and brought to justice. The responsible parties can be held liable for damages in multiple markets and regions many times warranting a class action lawsuit.

Laws Protecting Consumers

Consumer class actions often begin with a discovery phase that can require unique advertising methods and survey techniques. Whether it is a phone survey, a newpaper legal advertisement, or a Facebook invite, Simpluris is prepared to execute and monitor all potential class member responses. LiveCase™ is equipped with tracking and statistical analysis capabilities that provide up to the minute results.


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We are equipped to handle any size case with ranging variables from discovery thru disbursement. If you are currently working through a consumer case or in the initial stages of pursuing one, Simpluris has devoted experts who are a constant resource to attorneys. Our team will walk with you step by step through the planning an execution of your case.

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