Securities class action lawsuits are formed commonly on behalf of an investor group or agency that has been affected as a result of a company or broker’s improper dealings. Such processes include misstating earnings, concealing or misrepresenting risks, or otherwise engaging in activity detrimental to the company.

Multi Media Reaches Further

Many securities settlements will include the creation and promotion of multi-national websites with content translated into numerous languages. The sites use uniquely listed toll-free hotlines, which point to call centers staffed by multi-lingual representatives. Of these cases, many involve noticing programs with international print and internet media. Notification can be in the form of legal advertising in the newspaper, invites on Facebook, radio and television spots, and web pages.

Tracking and managing the class involvement in these cases can be daunting and tricky. LiveCase™ is a guaranteed application that will provide a full range of case solutions with tracking and statistical capabilities. You can assess your case specifics anytime from anywhere in the world.

Our focus is to provide the administrative tools and support that your case needs. Our team of experts will develop a noticing plan that your suits requirements and our call center is readily available to assist your class members 24/7.

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