Member Information

Member information can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week from its direct origin in our production database. Upon agreed terms from Plaintiff and Defense counsels, comprehensive searches can be performed across all of your cases, by any type of member attribute including Name, Address, Phone Number, etc.

Searches are easily and efficiently executed for each class member and afford you a variety of information including address history to detailed class member correspondence. You can review all submitted responses including dates received and processed, any correspondence with the class member, and PDF’s of submitted responses.

All information is protected through specialized views created via Special Access Permissions which are customizable for each and every case.

Occasionally a potential or active class member will call the attorney’s office directly inquiring why he/she has not received a notice packet or what the status of their claim is. You can choose to direct them to Simpluris for further assistance or login to LiveCase™ and retrieve the information directly.

Request Access to LiveCase™

All of the class member data is stored in a convenient and secure environment that you can access and use as your one stop information center. You no longer need to keep records on your own desktop, as you can instantly access the information as you need it.

Contact Marshall Cook to find out more about the advantages to LiveCase™ and what we can do for your next class action lawsuit.
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