The LiveCase™ Solution

Changing The Game For Attorneys

Most attorney-led efforts and class action settlement administrators expend vast amounts of money on technology support, due to the ever increasing overhead of defining, designing, capturing, managing, and storing class member and claim information. This is usually because they rely on isolated, autonomic data environments to manage all of their case information. LiveCase™ offers a clear alternative providing full scale, comprehensive coverage to all cases under one management system. Our technology provides a measurable advancement in the accuracy and speed of case oversight.  Request Access to LiveCase™

Core Offerings

LiveCase™ offers the following all-inclusive components:

  • Smart Dashboard, providing a single-view of your case
  • 24/7 Claim statistics and in-depth reporting on live data, in real-time
  • Response tracking across all mediums (paper, email, phone, fax, web, etc.)
  • Detailed authorization management controls, offering customizable viewing capabilities
  • Provision for unlimited number of class members
  • High level security on data, file access, file transfers
  • Mobile platform for access on-the-fly from anywhere in the world

LiveCase™ users are able to maintain literally hundreds of cases from one centralized software environment. From start to finish, you have the luxury of knowing the status of your case at all times. You set and control the parameters of who views what information on your case. No matter what time it is or where you are, you hold instant access to all statistics and data for each of your cases.

LiveCase™ is a great tool to perform an overall audit. It affords you the opportunity to view all of your cases at a higher level and make educated decisions on your overall case load. Combined with our progressive class member notification solutions, you are able to assess and determine what modifications need to be made for the remainder of each case, in addition to preparing for the next one.

LiveCase™ takes a lot of the questions out of the reporting for you. When you set up your case, you define what information you want reported. Knowing what you are asking for gives you a greater understanding of what you will be reviewing. Traditional case reporting dictates what you will be viewing, with LiveCase™ you determine what gets viewed. Sometimes it is difficult to know what your needs are before a case gets started. With LiveCase™ you have the ability to modify your report parameters as the case evolves. At anytime, you have direct access to your case manager and team to assist you in making LiveCase™ most productive for your case. Request Access to LiveCase™

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